2023 MeetBang Assessment: We Used it For several months discover!

Internet dating is meant to be fun and exciting. You get to experience women you will find appealing, understanding absolutely at the least some extent of shared interest. Without a doubt, this will be only correct when you’re using an excellent internet dating software or internet site. In the case of our
overview though, i cannot claim that’s the situation.

I do many of these ratings of numerous adult dating sites if absolutely adequate interest in it on the internet. For the most part, I’ll run through alike procedure so they can be assessed similarly as well as their own quality.

The way we reviewed MeetBang

Generally we’ll join the site as a no cost user and permit circumstances remain for a couple times. I will not build my profile or build relationships anybody on the internet site. Its an excellent possible opportunity to see if it’s a fake site which will beginning bombarding me with «interested women» — no genuine girl will content a blank profile, correct?

From then on,

I’ll set up my personal profile and use the website like a routine person for a time

, seeing when it’s feasible to set up a date.

Ultimately, we’ll switch-over to a settled account and use the site for the next a number of few days to have a genuine feeling for how the site works

as well as how easy truly to really experience men and women off-line.

For the reason that time We’ll contact about 50 women on the internet site observe what kind of reaction I have. I’m trying to lock in as much dates as I can or, in the case of a sketchy web site, to see if the replies think legitimate.

Here is the best possible way you could legitimately see how useful a niche site or app should be for you personally


You shouldn’t listen to any critiques which are not becoming a member of the MADE adaptation!

Now, regarding satisfy Bang, we never got the opportunity to carry out any one of this. Let’s take a look at precisely why.

MeetBang — A ‘Dating’ website as Terrible as the Name

Let us very first analysis the basic principles. Inside MeetBang analysis, you deserve to know all about this site and exactly how it supports to their competitors. In visual below, you will see that there surely is no contest.

On The Whole

We prices each website fairly predicated on several hours of independent investigation, the features each website provides, and just how it compares along with other web sites. The ratings include opinion of our editors and their extensive knowledge.

3 9.5
Quality of


All of our opinion of just how appealing the conventional woman is that uses this web site as well as how effortless they’re to connect with in comparison to websites.

3 9



The amount of everyone is applying this web site to truly fulfill men and women compared to other sites.

2 9


Exactly how easy so is this website to use as well as how quickly can the average individual start fulfilling folks when compared to other sites.

3 10
Privacy &


Performs this site get right safety measures to shield its people, their identity, and their data.

3 10



Our very own opinion of just how effortlessly the average individual can achieve their dating targets because of this site versus websites.

1 9


Will committed and money spent utilizing this site pay off for the average individual in line with the viewpoints and connection with our editors.

1 10

All Of Our Referral

As you can tell, during the report on MeetBang we didn’t find lots of compound. We have been familiar with performing very in-depth critiques of high quality relationship and hookup applications utilizing the goal of really meeting ladies. Sometimes within evaluations we find web sites such as this that make that impossible.

When you’ve got a niche site like MeetBang.com that barely features as an authentic web site, and looks mainly create to steer one to other sites, it’s going to be problematic to actually satisfy women using it. in line with the assessment above, you’ll be able to instantly inform that using a legitimate hookup app like
Sex FriendFinder (that has a totally free demo)
has a lot more to offer.

Dating is hard sufficient without wasting your own time on an app that isn’t even probably provide you with any help.You have to be utilizing a high-quality site with lots of people actually deploying it. Dudes get the very best success whenever blending upwards internet dating with meeting folks in their unique everyday lives.

If you’re considering making use of MeetBang, reconsider that thought. You are better off with a niche site like
Sex FriendFinder
in which you even have a chance of talking to real females and meeting them.

Positives and negatives

To conclude just what MeetBang has opting for it within review, below are a few pluses and minuses of utilizing this site.

  • Possible instantly tell this particular isn’t a website any reasonable person is utilizing
  • Dubious website
  • A really crass strategy
  • Redirects to fake webcam girl video chats

Very first feeling during our very own Meetbang.com review

The website is literally labeled as MeetBang. MeetBang. The most important impression was not fantastic before I would even typed it into Chrome.

Still, these ratings are only useful easily keep an open head so I soldiered on. Next, I became came across because of this:

That blend of top minimizing instance text should be a crime! Additionally, that’s right, I’m able to get a fuckbuddy free of charge within one hour! Real as that may be, it will not take place on a site labeled as
Meet Bang

The kicker is their own proactive approach — «Screw Tonight». Classy.

Mildly amused, I made the decision to experience the online game. We click that enticing blue option to find out if their particular state had been real. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. More and more that after that.

The MeetBang sign-up wizard

By the point we clicked that large, bluish and oh-so-crass activity button I happened to be 90percent certain this site was a joke. A minute afterwards this suspicion was actually verified.

It starts with a tremendously recognized warning:

«Before we can explain to you a listing of women that have required sex in the last couple of hours. . .» Really? Just who wrote this? I digress.

Other process is very similar to everything I saw while I
assessed InstaFuck
recently and this had been in the same manner weird. It requires you through a number of concerns that i guess tend to be designed to produce thrilled regarding fuckbuddy. They certainly were:

  • A number of these women can be desperate solitary moms and spouses pursuing some lighter moments. They are often your own next-door neighbor or someone you know. Would you accept to maintain identity of these ladies secret?
  • These women have expected you not to ever try to let in men seeking official dates or severe relationships. Will you go along with this request?
  • Would you say yes to practice safe intercourse when you have intercourse with someone whom you fulfill on our very own web site?
  • Are you at least twenty five years old? Females have actually wanted we perhaps not leave folks under 25 contact all of them for the reason that immature behavior by young people prior to now.

I felt like I happened to be enrolling in some type of key intercourse culture ala Eyes Wide close. Unfortunately however, which wasn’t the truth often.

Ultimately, you’re provided several concerns around your sexual tastes. Age, physique, variety of matchmaking, etc. Keep in mind that at any point through this method, the keys you simply click are unimportant. You can click «No» to all of questions above and the result does not alter.

These poor females were simply asking for intercourse. Perform they need no protection from MeetBang?

Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would form as a professional journalist. . .

The story thickens

It’s been a good trip thus far, little did i understand it was going to get a great deal more complex.

Once you’ve picked precisely the kind of women you wish to have sexual intercourse with minutes from now, you are asked for a contact target. Make no error, could receive some junk e-mail from a number of artificial dating sites nearly straight away.

You click maintain, hoping to enter a code but it is Meet Bang. They’re nothing or even unstable.

Rather, you are taken up a repayment page so you can subscribe to a settled subscription. Initially, I imagined this ought to be a paid-only web site. As I searched for a small, grey «maybe afterwards» connect similar to among these sites have, we observed the URL.

We aren’t in Kansas anymore. That is an InstantHookups page. What exactly is frustrating is this deception is very deliberate — the URL virtually reveals they’re hiding the InstantHookups marketing. They’re hoping you believe this is simply an essential step-in applying for MeetBang.

Amusement converts to outrage on satisfy Bang

This is how things go from ‘wow, this is so that bad’ to dropping that little more belief in humanity. The closer I considered this site, the greater amount of annoyed I was.

They’re covering a lot more than the very fact they’ve privately taken one to another web site.

They claim in large lettering that «Lifetime Memberships tend to be 100% FREE» and bank card is only for get older verification. Should you decide look at the small print on correct though, they truly are additionally planning to signal you up for all sketchy dating websites.

If you decided to blindly enter your own bank card details and then click Get 100 % free Access, you would certainly be signing up for the following:

  • InstantHookups $49.95 each month
  • HookupCloud
    $39.95 each month
  • Milftastic
    $29.95 each month
  • FULL $119.85 per month

This whole time you were under the perception you were just offering get older confirmation for MeetBang’s free membership. . .

Annoyed but? It is likely you haven’t actually observed the icing about tasty cake. The prices is created in book form during the conditions and terms. This will be to decrease the possibilities of you noticing the excess costs. If you see numbers and buck indications you are prone to take a closer look. Rather, whatever you see instantly is a lot of tiny text in a light gray font.

Since we’re demonstrably working with the type of people who would rip off unique grandma, possible wager there is substitute for terminate. Carry out the world a favor, never also check out the sites thereon listing, they do not deserve the advertisement income.

I additionally noticed many spam coming from hijacked emails and domain names. Websites and emails that seem to be actual but are holding a lot more questionable rubbish. Individuals blow.

But wait, there’s more

After examining this page over completely, I observed I experienced two different tabs now open nicely. Anyone to ComeWithDaddy additionally the various other for MeetBang.

The ComeWithDaddy case simply reveals another membership page for you really to join. At this stage i recently closed it and managed to move on — surely additionally, it is malignant tumors and will be offering exactly the same traps.

The MeetBang web page, however, ended up being a lot more fascinating.

First off, you are greeted with the full display screen «live» shown from a webcam model as she undresses and develops from the sleep. Outrageous for this video clip is a little window stating she’d desire trade unclothed photos and requires if you wish to accept.

Whether you click certainly or No, you are next taken through a series of questions. Exactly the same garbage concerns from earlier in this specific article, only shown in a tiny window now as an alternative.

Once more, regardless of what you address these concerns, you arrive at equivalent outcome. Now, that result is finding yourself in the sign-up page your genuine MeetBang. Just joking, you’re taken to yet another fake dating site. ‘Xmeets’ now.

Exact same look, same trash tactics. This delivers me to my personal last bottom line. . .

There’s no MeetBang

Yes it’s true, absolutely the cherry on top right here is the simple fact that MeetBang is absolutely nothing a lot more than a sketchy portal. There is absolutely no
dating website. You cannot generate a profile on it, nor are there females to see and you’re definitely not obtaining a night out together from it.

The only aim of this web site will be fool you into buying three some other fake websites and junk e-mail e-mails. That’s it.

MeetBang Evaluation: FAQ

To wrap circumstances right up, i will include one particular frequently asked questions about MeetBang.com. Normally the answer per is going to be quick since. . . it isn’t really an authentic dating internet site!

What’s MeetBang?

MeetBang is a sketchy portal site posing as a dating website. The better I looked the greater it actually was apparent that is a straight-up debateable.

Should you decide blindly enter your bank card details to register you’re going to be paying $119.85 per month. For three additional internet sites, maybe not MeetBang. Odds are there defintely won’t be any way for you really to cancel those subscriptions both!

Who actually is the owner of Meet Bang?

Meet Bang is possessed by MeetBang, Inc.

How to get in touch with MeetBang.com?

It is possible to get in touch with them at hello@meetbang.com.

Is actually MeetBang real?

No, not. MeetBang is far more of a portal web site leading to another website called Instant Hookups.

Is actually Meet Bang legit?

No way. Meet Bang is nothing more than an act wanting to fool you into applying for additional sketchy dating sites.

Is actually MeetBang.com a scam or fake?

All chat of a MeetBang fraud can be worth looking into. This web site is quite questionable for plenty reasons.

Is actually MeetBang safe?

No, MeetBang isn’t really a safe website to make use of. Keep away.

Just what are Satisfy Bang alternatives?

If you’re looking for a genuine matchmaking app or internet site that is a lot better than Meet Bang, we sealed a bunch of these recently. Check out our very own
hookup programs analysis
for more information.

How exactly does MeetBang.com work?

In short, it generally does not. MeetBang.com urges you to create a free account. But as soon as you perform, you will end up rerouted to InstantHookups, another sketchy dating internet site.

Could there be a MeetBang application?

No, MeetBang doesn’t have an application, though they always.

How much cash does satisfy Bang price?

Since this is not an authentic dating site, there isn’t any expense linked. If you try to join a paid subscription for it however, you will end up tricked into signing up for three other individuals. In addition awful

If you do this, the monthly price are going to be $119.85 each month. Probably until such time you cancel your mastercard.

How could you make use of MeetBang.com 100% free?

It’s not possible to make use of MeetBang.com whatsoever.

Can you deliver emails for free on MeetBang?

No, you cannot deliver any emails utilizing MeetBang because it’s perhaps not an actual site.

How will you cancel your own satisfy Bang membership?

There is absolutely no membership for MeetBang. In the event that you join a membership through MeetBang it’s for other sketchy matchmaking web sites.

Although we defintely won’t be handing over mastercard information for this business to test it firsthand, we think if you sign up you simply won’t have the ability to terminate.

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